Ericsson launches UDN-backed content platform for smart TVs

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Ericsson announced that it is launching Boost, an apps/content platform for smart TVs via its CDN offering.

Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network (UDN) has essentially been functioning as a CDN distributing video content like linear TV channels. The Boost platform –the first UDN-hosted application – places applications and content on connected TVs with the cooperation of TV manufacturers.

Boost also offers app certification and updates for content providers, as well as optimized media delivery.

Ericsson says the Boost platform addresses one of the key barriers to making OTT video streaming a living-room experience – consumers have to buy and connect outboard media boxes and USB sticks. Boost aims to replace those external boxes with apps and streaming services integrated into the smart TV.

That’s been tried before, but content has been limited, the interface clunky and the resulting TV sets expensive. Ericsson says that Boost will enable smart TV makers to bundle simple-to-use OTT apps cost-effectively –  backed by Ericsson’s UDN – and achieve the mass-market scale they need to bring prices down.

Later this year, Ericsson says it will add new discovery and customer acquisition features to Boost, including cross-marketing and promotions, app placement, deep linking from unified discovery, single sign-on, and integrated billing. Content providers will have the ability to choose their target regions and distribution volume.

New apps accompanying the launch of Boost include web content aggregation app QYOU and Broadway theatre streaming service BroadwayHD.

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