Ericsson aims to slash network build time in half with new cloud-based solution

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Ericsson has launched a new solution that it says can accelerate and streamline the network build process for operators – effectively cutting that time in half – to enable faster time to market with quicker return on investment.

The solution – called Accelerated Network Build – promises to cut build time 50%, as well as deliver improved quality by reducing number of site visits by 70% and better predictability with 99% first-time right delivery. It provides minimal impact to operators’ customers during build out or introducing new technologies, while improving coverage and capacity.

Ericsson has already conducted several successful pilots with operators in both developed and emerging markets, said Fredrik Jejdling, Ericsson’s Head of Business Unit Network Services.

“Results from the pilots show that Accelerated Network Build makes a difference to our customers,” he said. “By combining technology innovation, cloud-based tools with streamlined processes, our solution will revolutionize how networks are built and set a new standard in the industry.”

“Fast time to revenue and reduced cost is a must have right now – it’s a pain point for operators that needs to be solved with innovation,” said Michael Sullivan-Trainor, executive analyst for the Telecom Practice at Technology Business Research (TBR). “New technologies are going to make things even more complex, and it’s very timely that Ericsson is addressing how to fix the infrastructure deployment model now, both for today and for tomorrow when 5G and the Internet of Things will come.”

According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, 5G subscription uptake is projected to be faster than previous generations with over half a billion 5G subscriptions by the end of 2022. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are also set to skyrocket, passing mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices as early as 2018.

This means operators will need to build their networks quicker than ever before, with minimal impact to the business operations during build. Current solutions and traditional methods of network build have multiple handovers between activities and parties resulting in lengthy deployments.

Ericsson Accelerated Network Build is based on a proprietary cloud-based toolkit that delivers streamlined process improvements and a host of technical innovations.

Part of the solution is Ericsson’s Network Deployment Delivery Platform, a cloud-based delivery platform for build services that was released in September this year. Building on the delivery platform is a more streamlined two-phased deployment approach, including an offsite preparation phase and a single execution phase where activities are conducted concurrently on site.

Optimized supply flow reduces the time needed on site and remote tools and activities can take real-time control of the rollout. This facilitates a faster build and removes the need for additional site visits to meet quality compliance.

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