Ericsson brings UDN to Japan via NTT DoCoMo deal

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Ericsson says it has been selected by NTT DoCoMo to deliver its Unified Delivery Network (UDN) solution to enable access to high-quality content over the operator’s mobile network.

The deal marks the first time that Ericsson has deployed its UDN solution in Japan.

The Unified Delivery Network is a global CDN that connects content providers all over the world with the last mile reach of network operators. The content distribution platform aggregates and exposes network capabilities in the public domain, allowing services to be optimized and monetized in new ways, Ericsson says. It also offers service providers the ability to efficiently scale the delivery of OTT services and video content.

Ericsson says the partnership with NTT DoCoMo unlocks existing network capabilities to create new revenue streams around next-generation digital and media services. Content distribution services will be rolled out first, followed by future value-added features such as toll-free data.

“For future services, NTT DoCoMo foresees that consumption of 4K video, virtual reality and augmented reality content will increase, and believes a platform like a UDN adds value in the high-speed 5G era,” said Takaaki Sato, General Manager of Service Design Department at NTT DoCoMo.

Cillilan Maher, head of UDN Service Provider Partnerships at Ericsson, said the UDN now encompasses 55 content providers and 40 service providers around the world.

“NTT DoCoMo will be able to significantly advance the traditional content delivery network model,” Maher said. “As a service provider partner, they will be able to garner incremental revenue and can participate as a content provider, driving traffic through both their own network and the UDN ecosystem.”

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