ETSI starts new group to develop augmented reality framework

augmented reality
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ETSI has launched a new Industry Specification Group (ISG) that aims to synchronize efforts and identify key use cases and scenarios for developing an augmented reality (AR) framework with relevant components and interfaces.

The Augmented Reality Framework (ARF) group will provide technical requirements for AR specifications in order to ensure interoperable implementations that will benefit both technology providers and end users.

The work of the ISG will start with an analysis of the AR standards landscape, the analysis of use case requirements and obstacles, and the development of a framework architecture.

“There are huge differences in AR applications, but mapping digital information with the real world implies the use of a set of common components offering functionalities such as tracking, registration, pose estimation, localization, 3D reconstruction or data injection,” said ISG ARF chair Muriel Deschanel. “The development of such a framework will allow components from different providers to interoperate through the defined interfaces. This will in turn avoid the creation of vertical siloes and market fragmentation and enable players in the eco-system to offer parts of an overall AR solution.”

AR technologies and applications will play an essential role in Industry 4.0, and the success of smart cities and smart homes, ETSI says. Mobility, retail, healthcare, education, public safety are other examples of domains where AR will bring significant value.

AR is quickly advancing into a new phase of enabling context-rich user experiences that combine sensors, wearable computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. That capability is a unique opportunity of value creation. The need for transparent and reliable interworking between different AR components is key to the successful roll-out of such services.

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