ExpiredBusiness 4.0 & Cities 4.0 2018, Kuala Lumpur 27 – 28 August

  • August 27, 2018 - August 28, 2018
    09:00 - 17:00

Business 4.0

With the pace of Digital Disruption, companies around the globe are embarking on digital transformation aggressively and realigning their corporate roadmap towards becoming a digital enterprise. Yet many business leaders have still not come to terms with the conceptual leap that digital transformation represents or the practical implementation strategies.

Unlike Industry 3.0 which involved automation of single machines and processes, digital transformation encompasses end-to-end digitisation and data integration of the entire ecosystem of a business which comprises the Customer Solution Ecosystem, the Digital Operations Ecosystem, the Technology Ecosystem and the People Ecosystem. This includes transforming and integrating all operations and internal activities, optimising customer-facing activities, offering digital products and services, operating connected physical and virtual assets, and building partnerships.

Mastering Digital Transformation requires in depth understanding of collaboration, the commitment of top management, and a clear strategy.

Business 4.0 is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the different approaches being taken to achieve digital transformation by focusing on:

• Mapping the Digital Operations Ecosystem in Businesses
• Creating and Empowering Digital Workforce
• Integrating Digital Technology into Conventional Businesses
• Digital Transformation for Business: Disruption vs Incremental
• Funding Strategies for Digital Transformation
• New Revenue Stream through Digitalisation
• Robotics and Automation in Business
• Capturing and Creating Business Value through Big Data
• Artificial Intelligent (AI) Applications in Businesses
• Maximising Cloud Computing
• Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for Businesses
• IoT Integration

Cities 4.0

Smart cities are emerging fast and they introduce new practices and services which highly impacting the policy, planning, development and operation of city, while co-exist with urban facilities.

It is now needed to understand the smart city’s impacts on the overall urban planning and vice versa, to recognise urban planning offerings in the smart city context; and harmonise the reliance of global players in the overall smart city ecosystem to develop, implement and sustain an integrated set of solutions.

The Cities 4.0 Conference and Exhibition is designed to provide a platform to discuss on frameworks and strategies that highlighting and measuring smart city and urban planning interrelation and identifies the meeting points among them. This will be an integrated platform for the technology and application experts, data and analysis experts, communications and connectivity experts, services and integration experts, even business and financial experts to connect with the city leaders to explore and align goals, objectives and business model as part of the smart cities ecosystem reliance.

The Cities 4.0 Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

• Success Stories of Smart Cities
• Funding Smart Initiatives
• Privacy and Security in Smart Cities
• Impacts and Implementations of AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud on City Planning and Development
• Development and Planning of Digital Infrastructure, i.e. Digital Hub, IoT Platform, 5G Network and Beyond
• Planning and Development of Transportation and Mobility for Smart and Advanced Cities
• Improving Citizens’ Lifestyle with Smart Utilities
• Implication of Digital Solutions for Smart Community


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There are 17 more rooms ready to use for any kind of function. Also provided is a separate vehicular access with two VIP holding rooms.