EXFO wants to help transform your network, not just test it

EXFO founder and executive chairman Germain Lamonde

The rise of 5G, IoT and digital transformation in general is good news for the test and measurement sector for fairly obvious reasons. T&M will be crucial to mobile operators making sure that their networks can meet performance and scale requirements that will be far above and beyond what they’re accustomed to with previous Gs.

But for EXFO, there’s a lot more to enabling that transformation than standard T&M – it’s also about bringing together best-in-class platforms that can deliver assurance, visualization and the holy grail of automation. Operators are in need of all three, and they want a platform in the back office that can support such capabilities.

In this interview with Disruptive.Asia’s Tony Poulos at last week’s MWC 2018 event, EXFO founder and executive chairman Germain Lamonde explains that one of the reasons transformation seems to be taking so long is that operators have been waiting for the right platforms that can assure the best possible quality of experience as they make transformations that are relatively radical – which means transformation has to happen at the right pace.

Which is where EXFO comes in, of course. Lamonde also talks about EXFO’s recent acquisition spree (to include last week’s deal to buy Astellia) and its strategy to push beyond the T&M world to become the top player in delivering assurance, visualization and automation.

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