The existence of a Galactic Federation has attracted senior confirmation

a Galactic Federation
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The existence of a Galactic Federation is becoming quite compelling. At least two senior former cabinet ministers and officers say that it is true. And why would they lie?

Haim Eshed, the retired head of Israel’s Defence Ministry’s space programme, is the highest-profile proponent of the existence of a Galactic Federation, and he also claims that this is known at the highest levels. Some believe an agreement between the US and the Federation sets out that they are here to help but need to wait until the ‘winds’ die down before revealing themselves.

We are, frankly, not ready for the ‘big reveal’.

It turns out that another former Defence Minister is convinced that this is the truth and that a Galactic Federation is not just out there but with us too.

Paul Hellyer was Canada’s Defence Minister in the 1960s (and sadly died this year). He claims that he was invited to a meeting to discuss UFOs and alien life. He called a General he knew, who started the conversation with ‘it is all true and more’. There was no small talk.

Hellyer has been interviewed several times and has said that he knew about a Galactic Federation and that, while there is an agreement that they will not interfere (think First Contact) and that if we screw up, it is our fault, there is a loophole that says they can. They also said that we had a really great planet and should our utmost not to screw it up.

There are articles and stories out there that point to a moment when we are ready to ‘meet’ our visitors. And that is probably coming soon, as we now understand space and space travel.

Hellyer also said that the Galactic Federation is so advanced that they could take us out at any moment. He also worried that they could have a hidden agenda.

The question here is, ‘why would two senior Defence Ministers, in their 80s when they broke cover, lie?’ And it is hard to see why they would.

It turns out that Eshed was promoting a book when he said what he said, but the book was on the subject of aliens and his experiences of them.

Others in the science community are of the same, or similar, opinion.

Avi Loeb is convinced that the phenomenon that passed through our solar system a few years ago was of alien origin, perhaps a probe or even a message and that we should be ready (and should have been ready) to send a spaceship to get close up to future objects.

It is still intriguing whether there is a Galactic Federation, invisible but close, or whether all this amounts to the dreams and ramblings of old men.

And becoming quite convincing.

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