EY launches AsiaPac’s largest cybersecurity center in Melbourne

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EY has launched its Cybersecurity Center in Melbourne, Australia making it its largest such facility in Asia Pacific. Dedicated to helping businesses and governments in Asia-Pacific manage increasingly complex and critical cybersecurity landscape, the 2,508 square foot facility in Melbourne is the latest addition to the EY footprint of cybersecurity centers across the globe.

According to the EY 2019 Global Information Security Survey, 77% of organizations are still operating with only limited cybersecurity and resilience, while 87% of organizations warn they do not yet have sufficient budget to provide the levels of cybersecurity and resilience they want.

To combat this growing threat, the EY Cybersecurity Center in Melbourne will house 40 EY cybersecurity professionals across multiple risk and threat disciplines and drive close collaboration between clients and partners. The center is part of a cybersecurity network across the globe that brings together cybersecurity and managed services professionals who offer capabilities in a collaborative environment. The Melbourne center will provide ground-breaking offerings to meet clients’ changing business needs.

EY will be one of the first professional services organizations in Australia to construct a purpose built “purple team” facility to accommodate their newly launched purple team.

Within cybersecurity operations, red teams typically operate outside of a company and undertake offensive security activity to identify vulnerabilities in systems, where blue teams work in-house to manage defensive attacks on a company. 

By merging the two functions, security teams can increase effectiveness with real-time information sharing and work together to co-design new techniques to combat new cybersecurity threats.

Other key offerings include:

  • Improving client security operations through highly automated services to clients that are supported by Intelligent Automation. Examples include triaged incident response services and threat protection and virtual hunting capabilities.
  • 24/7managed services in a secure and controlled environment whereby an integrated team of EY consultants and cybersecurity teams on- and off-shore perform round-the-clock operations whilst keeping data onshore in Australia.

The Asia- Pacific market presents unique challenges for businesses such as cross-border complexity in terms of regulation, political maturity and culture. The Cybersecurity Center in Melbourne is seamlessly connected with the other Cyber Centers globally, including those in Singapore, China, and the Philippines through real-time collaboration tools. Each of these centers and labs is equipped with leading edge technologies and experienced services catered for local needs.

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