Fighting fraud with IMSI-catchers, drones and know-how – Andy Gent talks

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It’s not often I get to have an open discussion with a senior executive about issues that affect their business, and that might be seen as politically sensitive or career limiting. I am often fettered by marketing departments concerned with anything that might be detrimental to the brand or legal departments concerned about stakeholder concerns or potential lawsuits.

It was, therefore, totally refreshing to chat with Andy Gent, CEO of Revector and get the full story behind what fraudsters are up to, what is being done to curtail their activities, and how some telcos find it easier to ignore them altogether and pretend they don’t exist or are even worth worrying about.

Andy has been around telecoms a long time and has seen the industry from both sides of the fence. As an ex-CEO of a mobile operator, he is only too aware of how fraud, in its many forms, can be committed and now, as the CEO of a company committed to detecting and preventing fraud, how to combat it.

Technology is a big help, but experience also plays a big part in outsmarting fraudsters. Over the last twenty years, Revector has worked with over 150 operators in 100 countries.

In this candid and enlightening interview, you will hear how location detection using IMSI-catchers can track SIM-boxes’ exact location within one metre! Andy explains how IMSI-intelligence is now being used to trace, track and even monitor devices. The technology is now being used to track illegal mobile phone use in prisons, right down to a prisoner’s cell.

When attached to drones, this technology can be used to search for lost people, tracking destroyers of wildlife, police and military use. Of course, privacy becomes a significant issue, and Andy explains how this is being managed.

This interview is one not to be missed!

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