Knitting together the fragmented IoT landscape with open APIs

IoT open APIs
Andrew Tan, CIO of Neural Technologies

Hidden amongst the hype over the Internet of Things is the fact that the IoT landscape is insanely fragmented. Different IoT platform providers are creating their own ecosystems, as are operators jumping on the IoT bandwagon. Meanwhile, there are all the different data protocols like message queuing and telemetry transport (MQTT) and constrained application protocol (CoAP).

At last week’s TM Forum Live! Asia conference in Singapore, the forum demonstrated one of its Calalyst programs dedicated to tackling this very problem: ‘Open APIs for a vibrant IoT ecosystem’ (OAsIS), which – as the name implies – aims to develop open APIs to enable all these different systems to talk to each other.

One of the key participants in the multi-vendor Catalyst demo was Neural Technologies – which may surprise industry players who know of Neural primarily as a revenue assurance/fraud management solutions company. Which it is, of course. But Neural is also taking the expertise and capabilities of its Optimus platform – to say nothing of the massive amounts of data it collects from customers – and expanding into areas such as data integration, data virtualization, data visualization and advanced analytics. And it can also help IoT players make IoT a plug-and-play experience.

Disruptive.Asia managing editor Tony Poulos caught up with Andrew Tan, CTO of Neural Technologies, at the TM Forum Live! Asia event. In this interview, Tan explains what OAsIS hopes to achieve and Neural’s role in that, and also talks about Neural’s push in the world of data insights and microservices.

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