Friday Futures: antigravity tilt, living in a hole on Mars and naked selfies!

antigravity tilt
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Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: Examining Michael Jackson’s antigravity tilt; embalming your online persona; living in a hole on Mars; and trusting Facebook with your naked selfies!

Why live on Earth when you can live in a hole on Mars?

Most people try their best to avoid residing six feet (or more) underground. But if you want to live on Mars, that might be your only option. Read more…

Do you trust Facebook to handle your naked selfies more than you trust your ex

Facebook is about to unveil a pilot program where people can create a “digital fingerprint” for your nudes that will keep anyone (except you, presumably) from sharing them on the platform. Read more…

Robotic pollinator – like a huge bee with wheels and arms

It’s no replacement for bees, but in a world with too many humans and not enough natural pollinators, robots like this could help feed our kind. Read more…

Embalming your online persona

Have you made plans for what will happen to your social-media accounts, online memberships, password storage, recurring financial payments, creative work, and more after you’ve passed on? Embalming your online persona might be a start. Read more…

Self-healing material a breakthrough for bio-inspired robotics

Many natural organisms have the ability to repair themselves. Now, manufactured machines will be able to mimic this property. Researchers have created a self-healing material that spontaneously repairs itself under extreme mechanical damage. Read more…

Neurosurgeons set out to examine Michael Jackson’s antigravity tilt

Three neurosurgeons from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India have  set out to examine the antigravity tilt introduced in Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” video from a neurosurgeon’s point of view. Read more…

Compiled and edited by Tony Poulos (mainly because there was no-one else to do it)

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