Friday Futures: defying gravity, survive on Mars and pollination

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Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: new theory on gravity; AI could ruin the internet; surviving on Mars; mind games; underwater farming; fishless fish and pollination.

Einstein’s theory may not be the only gravity theory

Supercomputer simulations of galaxies have shown that Einstein’s theory of General Relativity might not be the only way to explain how gravity works or how galaxies form. Read more…

AI could ruin the internet with tools like this

Among the most concerning of these is the deceivingly-adorably-named GROVER a fake news-writing bot that people have used the tool to make blogs and even entire subreddits illustrate the problems AI-written news can pose to the world. Read more…

How to survive on Mars

How to play video games with just your mind

Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington. A team created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds. Read more…

IBM patented a watch that folds into a tablet

IBM just patented an extremely goofy-looking take on the smartwatch: its touch-screen display unfolds to form a full-sized tablet while strapped to your wrist. Read more…

Could underwater farms solve the climate crisis?

First, a meatless burger – now a fishless fish

Impossible Foods, the meatless meat company behind the plant-based Impossible Burger you’ve probably seen at trendy gastropubs, is moving into the fake fish market. Read more…

The beauty of pollination


(Compiled by Alex Leslie and edited by Tony Poulos)

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