Friday Futures: selfies from Mars, wind food, man-made DNA

insight mars lander
NASA's InSight Mars lander acquired this image using its robotic arm-mounted, Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC). Translation: it's a selfie from Mars. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: A selfie from Insight Mars lander; Navy AR; food from wind; when fish took the first steps; predicting rats; man-made DNA; privacy when tech can read your thoughts; Teflon history; and land the Insight Mars lander yourself.

The Insight Mars lander took a selfie when it landed

After a strenuous seven months of gliding through outer space, the InSight Mars lander arrived safely on Mars. Its first act: sending home a selfie.

Read more…

Watch – we could cure world hunger with the wind

Remote control: how the navy will use AR

The Royal Navy is using AR for a futuristic UI that will promote more efficient ship wide communications. One of the most important roles on a warship – or any ship for that matter – is the role of the bridge watch officer. Read more…

See the radical possibilities of introducing man-made DNA

You can tell which way a rat will go by neuron fires

Based on which place cell fires, scientists can determine were a rat is. Neuroscientists are now able to tell where a rat will go next, just from observing which neuron fires in a task that tests rats’ reference memory. Read more…

We might be about to find out when fish learned to walk

Using ropes and climbing gear, the scientists will be scouring cliffs and ridge lines for fossil deposits containing the earliest tetrapods, or four-limbed animals. Read more…

What about privacy when technology can read our thoughts?

Here’s a short history of Teflon

The material was brought to the attention of US Army general Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project, who commissioned DuPont to design a plant that used polytetrafluoroethylene seals and gaskets. Read more…

See if you can land the Insight Mars lander, without it exploding! Start now…

(Compiled by Alex Leslie; Edited by John C. Tanner)

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