Friday Futures: UFOs – humans from the future, beating cancer

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Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: UFOs are humans from the future; greenhouse gases increasing; AI and music; old drugs beat cancer; new enzymes and salads on Mars.

Scientist believes UFOs are humans from the future

“We know we’re here. We know humans exist. We know that we’ve had a long evolutionary history on this planet. And we know our technology is going to be more advanced in the future,” author Michael Masters. Read more…

Greenhouse gas emissions are growing fast

Despite reports that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas were almost eliminated in 2017, an international team of scientists has found atmospheric levels growing at record values. Read more…

Could AI replace our musicians?

Rolls Royce is making tiny nuclear reactors

Rolls-Royce doesn’t just manufacture luxurious cars — it’s also involved in futuristic projects ranging from electric planes to laser weapon systems. Now, the company is eyeing two sites for tiny nuclear power stations it calls “small modular reactors.” Read more…

How long will Arctic ice last?

“Pull out your ice picks,” a scientist whispers in the inky twilight. We’re standing on 30 centimeters of ice — a thin veneer that separates us from the deadly Arctic Ocean below — and the ice is trembling. It emits a loud popping sound as a crack starts to spread tens of meters away. Read more…

Making new enzymes could save our world

Aliens could be here but we just can’t see them

During a recent interview with The Observer, Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, said not only that she believes aliens exist, but also that they could be living undetected among us here on Earth. Read more…

A host of existing drugs can fight cancer

Researchers tested approximately 4,518 drug compounds on 578 human cancer cell lines and found nearly 50 that have previously unrecognized anti-cancer activity. These drugs have been used to treat conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, alcoholism, and even arthritis in dogs. Read more…

How to grow salad on Mars (we might need to)

(Compiled by Alex Leslie and edited by Tony Poulos)

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