Friday Futures: Virgin Galactic, greenhouse gases, sink holes

Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: Virgin Galactic in space; greenhouse gas breakthrough; ridiculous gadgets from MWC; molecular manufacturing and why bees buzz.

View from space – amazing Virgin Galactic footage

Last week, Virgin Galactic released some incredible high-definition footage of the moment its space plane, SpaceShipTwo, was released from mothership WhiteKnightTwo. Read more…

And watch the video here…

Greenhouse gas breakthrough: scientists can turn CO2 back into coal

Scientists have harnessed liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal, in research that offers an alternative pathway for safely and permanently removing the greenhouse gas from our atmosphere. Read more…

Are we at the dawn of molecular manufacturing?

The US DoD invents nuclear reactors you can move around

Project Dilithium, which the DoD announced last month. The project involves shipping small, portable nuclear reactors by air, land, or sea to the military bases where they’re needed. Read more…

Here’s why bees buzz

Google supports FIDO Alliance to banish passwords

Google and the FIDO Alliance announced that Android has added certified support for the FIDO2 standard, meaning the vast majority of devices running Android 7 or later will now be able to handle password-less logins in mobile browsers like Chrome. Read more…

The most ridiculous gadget from MWC 2019

Kudos to Nubia for literally bending a 4-inch display around a watch band to fit around your wrist. But, wow, is the Alpha ugly. It’s beyond hideous. And the software — it’s so terrible that I was left wondering why the Alpha even exists. Read more…

And here’s why we can’t predict sink holes

(Compiled by Alex Leslie and edited by John C. Tanner)

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