Friday Futures: Water on the moon, LightSail 2, future of medicine

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Welcome to Friday Futures, our weekly guide to the latest visions of The Future from around the web. This week: lots of water on the moon, LightSail 2, the new space travel; the future of medicine; holograms and AI; the future of movies and new Star Trek.

There is a lot more water on the moon than we thought

By comparing shaded areas that are protected from the Sun on the surface of Mercury with similar shadowed craters on the Moon, they concluded that ice deposits, sometimes several meters thick, could survive inside shadowed craters near the Moon’s south pole. Read more…

Watch Lightsail 2 – the next way to travel in space (best version, but Italian commentary)

And read the story here

We begin to discover strength of magnetic fields around exoplanets

Gas-giant planets orbiting close to other stars have powerful magnetic fields, many times stronger than our own Jupiter, according to a new study by a team of astrophysicists. It is the first time the strength of these fields has been calculated from observations. Read more…

The new Lion King welcomes the future of movies

If you’ve seen the trailer, there’s one other obvious fact: The new Lion King rides an atomically thin line between CGI animation and live action. This is where, to quote Simba’s meerkat friend Timon, the going gets tough. Read more…

Maybe ‘dark stars’ did seed super massive black holes

Extremely bright objects that first appeared close to the birth of the universe — theoretical objects called “dark stars” — could have seeded supermassive black holes over millions of years, according to a new Astronomy story about University of Michigan physicist Katherine Freese. Read more…

Watch this hologram speak Japanese (without knowing Japanese)

Is Picard about to lead the next series of Star Trek?
When CBS announced last year that the network’s second new Star Trek series to run on its streaming network would center on Picard, well, that was like replicating red meat for the base. Read more…
And here is the future of medicine…

(Compiled  by Alex Leslie and edited by Tony Poulos)

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