Fujitsu launches blockchain asset service for retail marketers

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Fujitsu has announced the launch of a cloud-based blockchain asset service that provides retail mechanisms such as digital points, stamps and coupons, which can be used for a limited time in specified areas including tourist sites, markets, and shopping centers.

With the ‘Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service’, users can collect digital points or stamps by reading QR codes located in specific areas with smart devices, and then exchange them for coupons and other benefits that can be used in stores and shopping centers within the specified area.

Also, collection and usage data for the points, stamps, and coupons, which are recorded on the blockchain distributed ledger, can be linked with user information for analysis.

By connecting events and promotions held in tourist areas or shopping centers with this service, customers of the service can improve the rate at which they attract customers and increase their willingness to buy, Fujitsu says. At the same time, they can also more effectively set strategies for regional revitalization, based on the activity patterns of users seen in the analysis results, and on such factors as the use of the coupons and other benefits.

In recent years, there have been high expectations for events designed to attract tourists, whose numbers have been trending upward, including tourists from outside Japan. At the same time, there is a demand for the implementation of rapid sales strategies to respond to the desires and interests of various tourists, aimed at economic revitalization in rural and tourist areas.

To revitalize specific regions and areas, Fujitsu has been conducting field trials of digital “stamp rally” promotions using blockchain technology, working with organizations including Odakyu Electric Railway, the Shizuoka branch of NTT West, FamilyMart, and the city of Chiba in partnership with The Chiba Bank. In these field trials, Fujitsu supported its customers’ marketing activities by hosting hands-on events linked to the “stamp rally” promotion, as well as connecting and analyzing limited attribute data on user activity, such as the data on which stamps they collected.

blockchain asset service
Diagram of blockchain asset service

The new blockchain asset service can be used as a measure for attracting customers to stores or events.

It can also enable marketing that combines user data with transaction information recorded in the blockchain, although Fujitsu adds that the user data is limited to information such as age and sex that do not identify individuals, which is collected through login connection functionality.

This linkage enables a detailed analysis of user interests and activities, which can be used to attract customers and set sales strategy going forward. In addition, using the system’s operations management function, which enables customers to check the distribution and usage status of coupons, it is possible to visualize the circulation of points and stamps, and the usage status of coupons.

blockchain asset service
Example of usage status

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