Fujitsu taps Nuage to power its OpenStack Ironic IaaS platform

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Nokia’s SDN venture Nuage Networks has been chosen by Fujitsu to expand its Cloud Service Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5 – which will also mark the first commercial launch of an IaaS platform using OpenStack Ironic.

K5 is an OpenStack cloud service providing IaaS using both virtual machine (VM) and bare metal services, with the latter managed by OpenStack Ironic, an OpenStack software program which provisions bare metal machines. The companies are billing it as the world’s first OpenStack Ironic-managed IaaS platform for bare metal cloud services for enterprises.

Nokia says the combination of OpenStack and the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides Fujitsu and its enterprise customers with massively scalable and highly available virtual networks.

The Nuage Networks next-generation overlay SDN solution will help Fujitsu expand its deployment of its K5 cloud-based services beyond its current data centers in Japan, Europe and North America, to new centers in Singapore and Australia.

Fujitsu will deploy the Nuage Networks VSP as part of its upgrade and expansion to its second-generation architecture, starting in Q1 of fiscal 2018 with its data center in Japan

Fujitsu says the Cloud Service K5 will enable its enterprise customers to accelerate their digital transformation by moving their existing server infrastructure into K5 data centers. This allows them to quickly migrate to a cloud-native architecture running on OpenStack Ironic and the Nuage Networks VSP. In addition to ‘on-demand’ delivery of services, it will offer greater security, manageability and availability of the cloud, as well as full support for non-cloud-native applications running on fully integrated bare metal services.

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