Fujitsu to build Riken deep learning system for AI research


Fujitsu says that it has received an order from Riken to build its deep learning system, which in terms of operations will be one of the largest-scale supercomputers in Japan specializing in artificial intelligence research.

The Riken Center for Advanced Intelligence Project will use the new system, scheduled to go online in April 2017, as a platform to accelerate R&D into AI technology.

The system’s total theoretical processing performance will reach 4 petaflops. The system will be comprised of two server architectures, with 24 of Nvidia DGX-1 servers and 32 Fujitsu Server Primergy RX2530 M2 servers, along with a high-reliability, high-performance storage system. Fujitsu will also provide support for R&D that utilizes the system.

The new system will be used at the Center for Advanced Intelligence Project to accelerate R&D into base technologies for innovative AI, and the development of technologies to support such fields as regenerative medicine and manufacturing, as well as research into other fields that will enable real-world implementation of solutions to issues such as healthcare for the elderly, management of aging infrastructure, and response to natural disasters.

The system is comprised of two server architectures specialized for deep learning using the latest CPUs and GPUs, and a storage system; it is being installed in Fujitsu’s Yokohama data center. Along with the standard DGX-1 deep learning software environment, which Nvidia provides in a public cloud, Fujitsu integrated a customized software environment for use in a secure on-site network.

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