Fujitsu develops Zinrai deep learning platform to accelerate AI innovation

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Fujitsu announced it has developed five new services for its “Human Centric AI Zinrai” framework to help customers accelerate their use of artificial intelligence.

The new services – which are being rolled out incrementally in Japan – are being positioned on Fujitsu’s Digital Business Platform MetaArc, which works to accelerate business innovation for customers.

The services being introduced include Zinrai Platform Service, which will offer 30 AI functions in API form, developed in over 300 AI-related projects and field trials. The first offering, to be provided from April 2017, includes seven function-oriented APIs, such as for image recognition, speech to text, and knowledge searching, as well as two application-oriented APIs, such as demand prediction, with the full range expanding to 30 types of API before April 2018.

Zinrai Platform Service
APIs provided with Zinrai Platform Service (Dource: Fujitsu

Then there’s Zinrai Deep Learning, a deep-learning platform service that promises the world’s fastest class of learning capacity, using software technology that implements high-speed deep learning and parallel-processing supercomputer technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, in conjunction with the Tesla P100 GPU from Nvidia. Customers can use this service to combine APIs that best meet their needs to implement high-speed, high-quality, AI-based systems.

Fujitsu is also offering new AI Solution Zinrai support services covering consulting, deployment and operations.

The five services work together so that customers can quickly build high-quality, high-performance AI-based business systems.

Fujitsu says it regards AI as a core technology that can accelerate digital innovation, and continues to develop technologies in the field. Also, by applying the technologies it has accrued by developing supercomputers, the company says it aims to push technological transformations even further, helping customers to transform their existing operations and create new businesses.

As the range of applications for AI grows broader, Fujitsu says it plans to continue implementing building-block AI technologies that Fujitsu Laboratories is developing as APIs. To strengthen the use of AI in edge devices, such as communications devices, robots, and automobiles, the company is equipping the Zinrai Platform Service with learning-model distribution functions for such devices.

Fujitsu also plans to offer Zinrai hardware, software, and services as on-premise packages to customers planning on building their own in-house AI-powered systems.

In addition, Fujitsu is developing a proprietary DLU processor specifically for deep learning, using processor technologies pioneered on the K computer and advanced CMOS technology. This is due to begin shipping in FY 2018.

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