Will the future of customer interaction be driven by BSS automation?

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Customer service and customer interaction have been a talking point in industry for many years. Now, the debate has become more urgent, driven partly by COVID-19, which has put customer service and a number of other issues into sharp focus.

While excellent customer service is the goal, Business Support Systems (BSS) allow companies to achieve that goal.

Disruptive.Asia decided to find out current views on the best way for customers to interact with telecoms companies. So, we ran a poll (which is still open), along with two others on how to effectively automate the BSS process.

We also did a set of short videos with leading industry analysts to add their industry viewpoints to the survey.

Although the answers were mixed – some advocating automated chatbots, some the phone (particularly during COVID-19) – a consensus emerged around the customer context, the need for immediacy and the drive for efficiency.

It is not about the channel but about the customer. The customer will drive how they want to interact. And while preferences will be dictated by the age of the customer and how he has been used to interacting, this will change as the younger age groups become the main section of customers.

This means we need to plan, now. And it also means we need to focus on BSS and how to make it fit for purpose when, for instance, the majority of customers want to interact via chatbots.

We have taken the results of the three surveys, borrowed leading BSS Analyst Chris Lewis and TM Forum BSS lead George Glass to debate these important issues on Thursday 9th July at 9.00 a.m. British Summer Time /4.00 p.m Singapore (for an hour).

The event is made possible with the support of Cerillion, a ground breaking provider of cloud-based BSS.

Join us – we promise and entertaining, interactive and informative hour.

Cutting the BS from BSS Automation, discusses what works, what the priorities are, the questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid in BSS Automation. Ultimately it is about the future of customer service.

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