Digital transformation requires a future-proof BSS: Sterlite Tech

sterlite tech BSS
Vaibhav Mehta, head of sales (software BU) at Sterlite Tech

It’s impossible to talk about digital transformation without talking about the BSS, which is perhaps the key component in enabling transformation to be monetizable. There are many different approaches to this – the approach Sterlite Technologies is taking is to design a BSS platform that is future-proofed against whatever services a CSP will be handling.

That’s important because one of the challenges of the digital era is that we don’t quite know what kinds of services future networks and backend platforms will have to support. However, says Vaibhav Mehta, head of sales (software BU) at Sterlite Tech, we do know from current trends that networks will need to be able to support three basic catagories: extreme usage, massive numbers of sensors and vertical industries.

As Mehta explains to Disruptive.Asia editor-in-chief John Tanner, supporting these diverse scenarios means moving the BSS from the functionalized silos that traditional BSS is good at to a horizontal platform that can address upcoming B2B2X use cases.

Mehta also talks about the importance of pre-integration in designing a future-proof BSS, what this solution enables CSPs to do that they can’t do now, possible use cases and monetization opportunities, and Sterlite Tech’s development roadmap for its Future BSS.

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