Gaming is already huge and about to go supersonic

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The gaming market is huge. But right now a combination of technologies such as 5G, VR and the cloud will give it an even greater boost. Already there are 2.3 billion people gaming and this is expected to rise to 3.5 billion by 2024, which, ABI Research points out, is almost half the predicted world population.

Asia Pacific boasts being the region with the most gamers, with 51% of the world’s gamers living in the region.

This reflects what we have been saying about the future of entertainment itself, which will be somewhere between theatre and gaming. It will become more immersive and interactive and is already an arena where innovation is a constant. Avatars, for example, are playing a bigger and bigger role in entertainment generally and gaming in particular.

All of this is nice to know, but one thing it highlights is that service providers, whether network providers, digital service providers or equipment manufacturers will need to ensure that their business models are the most effective for the job and designed to attract as many of the new generation of gamers as possible.

Gaming will also play a more and more significant role outside the realm of Fortnite. The role of gamification in business is still in its infancy but, according to ABI Research, likely to grow significantly. You can see that in areas such as training and team building, gaming will play an increasingly important role.

And, of course, 5G as a technology is perfect for the job. With network slicing the need for hardwired ethernet connections goes away, along with the arguments about whether to watch Netflix while someone is trying to play games in the next door room.

Gaming is a service that is clearly driven by technology, at least to begin with. Now, over the next few years gaming will be huge, as users drive the technology and, for once, technology and user requirements are, hopefully, properly in sync.

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