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If you like keeping up to date with the latest news and industry goings-on, you have probably subscribed to your favorite sites and receive countless daily emails and newsletters.

But it is virtually impossible to go through them all, so you click on the emails that have the most interesting headlines then scroll through until you find something you want to read. You then click on the link and up pops your browser, hopefully with the article in it but probably loaded with other stuff like ads you really don’t care about. You might also try your best to keep up with your most popular Twitter feeds but that, too, soon becomes a lost cause. Sound familiar?

Well, we here at Disruptive.Asia may have just the solution for you. We are very excited to announce a partnership with the team at Gentle Reader, because – like them – we value our time, want to make our lives and those of our readers easier, and we value genuine recommendations over viral information.

Gentle Reader is an app built with the reader in mind – with everything you need all in one place. Instead of bouncing between email, Twitter, Facebook, news apps, and blogs, you can access all these feeds directly in your Gentle Reader app. What’s more, if you like an article, simply bookmark and read it later, even if you are offline!

The matching algorithm is where curiosity really comes to life. The app allows users to organically explore information based on shared articles, allowing collective intelligence to help readers navigate through content, with no artificial curation or selection.

With content and discovery at the forefront of its technology, Gentle Reader is built to offer readers a way of finding quality writing that adds value, rather than slogging through cluttered feeds with a deluge of clickbaits and puff pieces.

We want to make sure that you have access to all of our content (and any of your other favorites) anytime, anywhere – without even having to be online. Simply open the Gentle Reader app in iOS, MAC, Web, or Alexa to be updated with our latest feed.


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