TechXLR8 Asia: Now’s the time to get cracking on SDN/NFV

fujitsu sdn nfv
Rod Naphan, CTO and SVP of solutions, planning and portfolio management at Fujitsu

SDN and NFV have been around for what seems like ages now, yet takeup is still slow despite the obvious benefits of network virtualization.

The problem, as always, is legacy systems – operators often find it a struggle to onboard and integrate NFV and SDN into their existing processes, which can be up to 40 years old. But we may finally be reaching the tipping point as companies like Fujitsu offer solutions that make that migration relatively painless.

On the sidelines of TechXLR8 Asia last week, Rod Naphan, CTO and SVP of solutions, planning and portfolio management at Fujitsu, sat down with Disruptive.Asia co-publisher Tony Poulos to explain his company’s strategy to help telcos go virtual, and how multivendor support is a key aspect to enabling that transformation to a relatively simpler environment.

That said, Naphan adds, the real benefit of SDN isn’t reduced complexity so much as automation and reducing opex. In any case, he says, telcos are running out of reasons to put off SDN/NFV ­ now is the right time to make that change.

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