Globe urges 3G customers to migrate to the LTE network it’s rolling out for them

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Globe Telecom said it is encouraging its mobile customers to shift to LTE-capable devices as it continues to deploy LTE sites using the 700-MHz band.

Joel Agustin, senior VP for Program Governance at Globe’s Network Technical Group, said that the cellco has been aggressively ramping up network investments to stay ahead of bandwidth requirements as more customers use sophisticated mobile apps and cloud-based services – but that a significant number of customers are still using its 3G network, in large part because they haven’t yet upgraded to an LTE-capable device.

“We strongly advise these customers to use LTE-capable devices so they can also experience [a] better internet experience,” he said, adding that they should shift to LTE SIM cards as well (otherwise it would defeat the purpose of switching devices).

Agustin said that migrating to LTE would not only mean a better internet experience for consumers, but also support Globe’s initiative to improve the state of internet in the Philippines by enhancing network capacities.

To date, Globe says it has deployed almost 800 LTE sites using the 700 MHz band, the majority of them in Metro Manila and other highly-populated areas where the majority of customers using LTE-based handsets are located.

Globe has also activated over 1,200 additional LTE sites using 2600-MHz spectrum that it acquired via its partial acquisition of San Miguel’s telecommunication assets last year. Last week Globe announced it had commercially deployed LTE-A using 4 component carrier (4CC) spectrum aggregation in the 2600-MHz band in Manila.

Agustin said that Globe plans to deploy more LTE sites in 2017 using its additional spectrum assets to further accelerate its network build and enable the company to stay ahead of growing consumer demands.

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