Globe gets game face on for local eSports development

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Globe Telecom says it is going full throttle in developing its eSports portfolio and ecosystem after staging its first SEA open eSports tournament, Globe Conquerors Manila 2018.

Globe says it  is spearheading the development of the eSports ecosystem by providing its customers with internationally seeded tournaments, streaming content, and exclusive gaming promos.

“We will build the ecosystem needed to boost the commercial potential of eSports and games in [the Philippines],” said Jake San Diego, head of Games for Globe.

The integration of eSports and video games into existing mobile data promos has contributed to a 39% increase of total Globe mobile data traffic, which reached 390 petabytes for the first half of 2018. The company’s total mobile data revenue, which includes video games and entertainment content, reached P25.6 billion ($478.2 million) for the first half of 2018, which is 26% higher vs the same period last year.

According to, an international market intelligence and data site specializing in games, mobile, and eSports, there were a total of 29.9 million video gamers in the Philippines in 2017 spending a total of $354.2 million. This ranked the country at 29th in the world in terms of total revenue.  By 2021, there will be 48 million video gamers in the Philippines, accounting for about 47% of the population, according to forecasts.

Market analysts are now projecting the number of eSports fans to grow by over 50% in 2019 to 500 million people globally. According to research firms, the industry is seen to generate revenues of $1 billion per year. Industry experts see the potential for this market to grow to as much as $20 billion eventually.

In the past year, Globe has inked partnerships with Riot (developer of League of Legends), Garena (publisher of Arena of Valor and Philippine publisher of League of Legends) and eSports events organizer Mineski to create eSports events, including new tournament formats and video game promotions exclusive to Globe customers.

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