Globe Telecom starts fortifying LTE network with NB-IoT

globe telecom
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Globe Telecom says it is upgrading its LTE network to support NB-IoT services over the 700-MHz band and other existing LTE spectrum assets.

Globe said that of the three low power wide area (LPWA) standards endorsed by 3GPP, it is going with NB-IoT because it is the more developed standard of the bunch and the device ecosystem is evolving at a much faster pace.

Globe said it is collaborating with existing technology partners Huawei and Nokia to ensure the network’s readiness to support new services.

“Given new business requirements in a highly digital environment, Globe is gearing up to deploy emerging IoT services relevant to various enterprises including the public sector,” said Globe Telecom president and CEO Ernest Cu.

Cu said the Philippines is a good use case for a number of emerging IoT services, including parking sensors, water meter reading, lighting control, garbage collection and flood control, among others.

“Fundamentally, IoT is about creating a digital ecosystem for services that are being used by various organizations. The use of IoT-related services is growing significantly around the world and it is time that we adopt them in the Philippines so that local enterprises can take advantage of the business benefits derived from these new technologies,” Cu said.

To date, Globe has deployed around 1,750 LTE sites across the Philippines using the 700-MHz band. More than 700 of those cell sites are located in Metro Manila.

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