Globe Telecom, Incoming Media launch in-app video notifications

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Globe Telecom, via its Digital Ventures division and subsidiary company AdSpark, recently announced a partnership with Incoming Media for its mediaphoneX solution to power video notifications within selected mobile applications.

The first apps to integrate this video notification feature are restaurant booking app Seats and financial services app Mynt.

The mediaphoneX solution uses predictive data analytics and intelligent content pre-loading to enable the creation of personalized mobile video experiences. Through the use of on-device, energy-efficient machine learning, and context-based predictive data analytics, the Incoming platform learns and understands how each viewer consumes video on their device.

“The Philippines is one of the most dynamic mobile and digital countries in the world, and Globe and the AdSpark team are the perfect partners to take us into this market. We are excited about their level of innovation and hope to take what we learn in the Philippines to other markets in the Asia Pacific region.” said Mark Adams, CEO of Incoming Media.

“Globe chose to partner with Incoming based on their unique technology. Their team has spent many years developing a mobile video notification that puts a quality user experience at the center of their solution. We are looking forward to seeing an increase in engagement and additional monetization opportunities for both Seats and Mynt, and other applications to come.” said Glenn Estrella, Vice President of Globe Telecom’s Digital Ventures and President of AdSpark.

“Globe is always out looking for new innovations to help businesses flourish. Through this new acquisition of mediaphoneX, we have redefined push notifications from as simple as SMS to videos that direct you to the website,” Estrella added.

This video push notification technology is available through AdSpark and is currently being offered to Globe Telecom clients.

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