Grab unites taxi and private car services to offer dynamic fixed fares in Singapore

Ride-hailing company Grab has announced a new service that brings together its GrabTaxi and GrabCar vehicles to offer dynamic fixed fares for customers.

Announced on the heels of its partnership with SMRT Taxis, JustGrab comprises all HDT, Premier, Prime, SMRT, Trans-cab and GrabCar driver-partners, creating a vast pool of options for passengers to find the nearest fixed fare taxi and car within their vicinity.

The JustGrab service offers dynamic pricing of fixed fares that adjust to real-time market demand, resulting in cheaper fares at low demand periods. By uniting fixed fare taxis and cars, says Grab, the increased vehicle supply means JustGrab fares will fluctuate less and be more affordable throughout the day.

Another key benefit is that the fixed-fare option takes traditional taxi surcharges such as midnight and Central Business District (CBD) charges into account, which means passengers don’t have to think about extra charges being added to the meter (although this doesn’t apply to toll charges.

Grab says that JustGrab is complementary to its existing GrabTaxi and GrabCar services, so passengers can still book metered taxis and private cars if they want.

The JustGrab service will be beta tested and progressively rolled out to Grab’s tiered GrabRewards customers first, before general public availability on March 29.

Melvin Vu, head of GrabTaxi Singapore, said the JustGrab service will help improve the efficiency and affordability of point-to-point transportation in Singapore.

“We are positive that JustGrab will help shave waiting time for rides by up to five minutes, and bring us closer to our goal of ensuring commuters get a Grab ride within three minutes every time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Grab also announced it is enhancing benefits for GrabTaxi driver-partners and introducing additional perks for top-tier GrabTaxi driver-partners under the Platinum Plus and Platinum program, a rebrand of the Elite and Rangers program.

GrabTaxi Platinum Plus and Platinum driver-partners will receive quarterly bonuses equivalent to and at half the previous quarter’s incentive payouts, respectively. The bonus comes on top of the incentive that they receive the current quarter, enabling driver-partners to earn more while driving with Grab.

In addition, all GrabTaxi driver-partners will receive a monthly 8% Medisave contribution from Grab, based on their earned incentives, to help build up their Medisave savings. Grab’s Platinum Plus and Platinum driver-partner enjoy higher Medisave contribution at 15% and 10% respectively.

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