Is the Great Filter the reason we can’t see alien life out there?

Great Filter
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The Great Filter theory says that humans, or any alien species, need to pass the Filter before they can connect with other alien life. The debate is now about whether we have passed the Great Filter, in which case we are about to say hello, or whether the Great Filter is in our future, in which case we will have to wait a while yet.

The Great Filter theory says that you have to pass various stages before you can proceed to interplanetary life. Most of these stages we have obviously passed are based on a habitable planet, emerging from primordial swamps and being able to survive as complex organisms. Oh, and being able to produce advanced technology that can get us into space.

But the Great Filter theory has a twist. It says that we must do something ‘highly improbable’ in order to get there. This is less likely to be the ability to destroy our planet and more likely to be something like discovering that Planet Nine is a black hole and then slipping through it by accident.

The Great Filter theory came about because of the Fermi Paradox. This states that the Universe is so big and so obviously bountiful that it should be teeming with life – not just bacterial life. So why can’t we see it?

So have we passed or are we in the process of passing this Great Filter.

More and more it seems as if we might be just emerging, or just passing through it now.

Reports of UFOs have been with us for decades. And even though Elon Musk says aliens don’t exist because the photos of them remain fuzzy, the US Navy has reported more and more sightings of things like a ‘tic tac’ or drone that either outflies a fighter plane or hovers over a destroyer, seemingly ‘mapping’ the flight deck (thanks to one of our readers for the link).

The Great Filter is an interesting theory and one that does explain why we can’t see life, or an answer, ‘out there’.

It also matches the new pronouncements by people such as Avi Loeb and others who say that aliens have been in touch but believe we are not ready to meet them.

Another theory might be that aliens are giving us a helping hand through the Great Filter. Technology, particularly space technology, seems to be moving so rapidly that it is easy to see another’s hand in the solutions. Drones, Artificial Intelligence, remote viewing, all could have had an alien tutor.

Another theory could be that ‘tic tac’ drones and other UFOs spotted by reputable sources such as the US Navy could be advanced secret technology.

Yet another theory is that we could be the first through the Great Filter, and it will fall to us, one day, to help others through.

That seems odd, though, as much of the Universe is older than we are, so either we have developed really fast and overtaken other species, or that theory is flawed.

Whichever idea you prefer, the fact that theories such as the Great Filter are out there probably means that we are being prepared for an encounter. And we might be close to working out how to look properly.

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