H3 Dynamics, V-Cube Robotics to deploy drone base stations in Japan

H3 Dynamics, V-Cube Robotics to deploy drone base stations in Japan

Japanese tele-robotics company V-Cube Robotics (VRJ) has entered a strategic partnership with Singapore-based cloud robotics firm H3 Dynamics to roll out the company’s “Dronebox” drone deployment base stations across Japan.

The partnership with H3 Dynamics is part of VRJ’s plans to introduce fully autonomous drone deployment solutions across a number of applications including agriculture, asset inspection, security, disaster relief, and remote medical support.

Dronebox is a self-charging drone deployment system that connects drones to the industrial IoT, and brings together a large number of specialized data analytics services designed for end-users across several industry verticals.

Key applications include enhanced resource allocation and resource optimization, predictive maintenance, safety and security. Besides connecting to the internet, the base station is grid-independent using solar and advanced fuel cell hybrid power technology, meaning it can be positioned anywhere, and operated on demand, including in very remote locations.

VRJ will initially deploy H3 Dynamics’ Dronebox in several prefectures and cities, some of which have been designated ‘National Strategic Special Zones’ in an effort to implement experimental drone technology across Japan.

VRJ will also be delivering Droneboxes to a number of large Japanese corporations that plan to use VRJ drone services for a variety of applications, including inspection of large solar power plants, railways, chemical plants, and road accidents.

H3 Dynamics CEO Taras Wankewycz said in a statement, “This landmark partnership will see the first large-scale national roll-out of our Dronebox tele-robotics system. We will be working very closely with V-Cube Robotics in Japan over the next months as we continue to expand our operations globally from Singapore.”

VRJ CEO Taisin Demura said, “Through this partnership, VRJ can have great opportunity to be certain of faster realization of innovative and advanced drone platform and solutions in the market, especially to provide together advanced visual communication technology and autonomous drone deployment technology.”

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