Hackers now hold the trump cards as attacks spiral out of control

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It is clear that hackers now hold the trump cards, as attacks across every arena and sector of our world spiral into an uncontrollable mess.

The question is, what can we do when hackers now seem to control us.

Attacks are being reported daily. IDC believes that a third of companies globally have been attacked, and the level of sophistication is now off the charts.

Hackers now disguise themselves, spreading the deception and fear further and faster.

As well as the well-reported ransomware attacks (the most recent Sophos report was on Retail, so they have had to break them down by sector), there are national and international attacks, and hackers now sow utter confusion.

This manifests itself as reports emerge of an allegedly Chinese attack on Iran, which was disguised to look like a Russian attack that went through [insert name of country]. It is the stuff of movies.

Yet, like the stark realities of climate change, it is now scary and real.

Hackers now hold sway to such an extent that security professionals are suffering from extreme stress. Many are taking a mental hit and even switching off alarms so that they can avoid having to respond.

The planning, preparation and execution of this surge of attacks is on a level never seen before. Hackers now wait and watch. There is no smash and grab; there is careful, patient infiltration and then exfiltration of data.

We should collaborate, of course. Except we do, through industry organisations and blacklists shared by companies (every company should do this). Yet hackers are always one step ahead.

Governments should step in, except that Governments are as vulnerable and as scared as companies are. The infrastructure in most countries runs on outdated systems, and the recent Colonial attack highlighted how easy it is to breach their defences. Government money is being thrown at the problem.

The recent high profile Poly Network attack taught us that even decentralised systems are vulnerable. Hackers now have a free hand and are in control.

These are desperate times, and it is hard to see a solution. Companies and Governments are always going to be one step behind. Hackers are now one step, maybe two, ahead.

The only hope, currently, in this rear-guard action, is to stay just one step behind.

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