Healthcare is being transformed and is transforming other sectors, fast

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Healthcare was already being transformed by technology, and now this transformation has been accelerating because of a health crisis – our now old friend, the pandemic. It also triggered transformations in other sectors.

It seems certain now that the diagnostic and remote healthcare areas are the ones that will see the most change, the most quickly. Already the pandemic has driven remote video consultations to around 400 million a year, and there is no reason to believe this trend will go into reverse once the pandemic is over. Why would you want to sit in a waiting room, open to germs and who knows what, when you can talk to a doctor via video link?

There is also a rise in the number and sophistication of healthcare apps and devices. We recently reported a new healthcare application that helps manage diabetes which demonstrates this point well.

‘Watches’ that are actually health monitors are also growing in sophistication, reporting on many aspects of healthcare, not just your heart rate and number of steps.

Soon it is possible that the combination of remote consultations and ever-increasing sophistication in apps that can manage health will drive real transformation and benefits to all corners of the healthcare world.

The other, often forgotten, benefits of healthcare lie in what they can provide for other arenas. One such is security.

Now that we know that no two irises are the same, no two heart beats are the same and no two voices are the same, the potential to improve security by taking this knowledge to the next level is enormous.

Add this potential sophistication to healthcare apps and video links and ultimately the manual and boring process of finding someone’s health records and verifying a patient’s identity will be a thing of the past. It will save time, money, resources and quite possibly, lives.

Add the potential to create security with unique and extraordinarily safe, individual biometric ‘logins’ and healthcare advances will help prevent security breaches in many arenas.

Hopefully, as well as transforming healthcare itself, the healthcare sector can heal the currently deeply damaged sector that is security.

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