HGC Global now accepts WeChat Pay for Wi-Fi access passes

hong kong wi-fi 5 GHz
Image credit: Prasit Rodphan / Shutterstock.com

HGC Global Communications announced that customers can now purchase its “hgc on air” Wi-Fi Pass using the new WeChat Pay HK mobile app.

HGC’s outdoor Wi-Fi service sports over 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong, including large shopping malls, chain coffee shops, fast food stores, restaurants, entertainment facilities, commercial buildings and private estates.

The newly added WeChat Pay Wallet’s value-added service – called “Telecom payment” – allows smartphone users to purchase a Wi-Fi Pass to use HGC’s hot spots.

HGC said the new payment service will be made available to Hong Kong’s total population of WeChat users in phases, and will soon also enable HGC broadband customers to pay their home broadband bills conveniently via WeChat Pay HK.

HGC has launced a special promotion for “hgc on air” to promote the new WeChat Pay option, including discounts and options for passes ranging from a single day to one month.

“Electronic payment has been a rising trend among Hong Kong people, [so] HGC is committed to equipping customers with a variety of handy payment methods to suit their everyday needs,” said HGC CEO Andrew Kwok.

HGC Global claims to be the largest Wi-Fi hot spot provider in Hong Kong. It also says the service is backed by its 1 Gbps fiber network, although that’s for the overall backbone, not the backhaul connection for each hot spot. Also, that 1-Gbps backbone isn’t available in all areas.

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