HKBN taps Huawei’s NE9000 core router to meet OTT and IoT demand

huawei ne9000
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Hong Kong Broadband Network announced it is deploying Huawei’s NetEngine 9000 (NE9000) core backbone router to support its rapidly growing residential telecom business.

With a capacity estimated at six times that of the broadband operator’s existing network equipment, the NE9000 will serve HKBN’s business development needs for the next five to ten years as customers demand 4K OTT entertainment, online gaming and IoT applications, said HKBN CTO and Co-Owner Gary McLaren.

The core router comes with 4-Tbps line card capabilities (80 Tbps per chassis) which greatly increases the equipment capacity on the live network, and is capable of supporting 8-Tbps line cards in the future.

Huawei says the core router delivers high energy efficiency at only 0.4W/G, representing an energy consumption reduction by two-thirds. It also effectively cuts down the forwarding costs, allowing HKBN to continue to provide Internet service at very competitive prices, said Jeffrey Gao, president of Huawei’s Router & Carrier Ethernet product line.

After an initial series of rigorous testing, the NE9000 is currently used to deploy services for HKBN’s residential business. Huawei said HKBN is the world’s first telecom operator to deploy the NE9000.

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