HKBN reinvents Barter & Bundle for enterprise customers

Barter & Bundle HKBN

In order to help businesses in Hong Kong stay afloat during this difficult period, and to achieve win-win for long-term development, HKBN Group (Hong Kong Broadband Network) has announced that it welcomes enterprises from different industries to offer their products or services to HKBN in exchange for HKBN’s telecom and technology solutions.

Under its unique “Barter & Bundle” plan, HKBN embraces great flexibility to accept merchants to offset part of their payments for HKBN’s telecom and technology solutions with their own products or services. HKBN will offer such products or services to benefit its extensive customer base in enterprise and residential markets, which represents 1 in every 2 businesses and 1 in every 3 households in Hong Kong. 

There will be no merchant quota or pre-set restriction on the kinds of products or services to be used in this “Barter & Bundle” plan. All enterprises are welcome to reach out to HKBN to explore if this flexible arrangement could apply and benefit their businesses. HKBN offers a full range of telecom and technology solution for “Barter & Bundle”, ranging from data connectivity, voice communication, cloud and remote office solutions, IoT, digital solutions, business continuity, e-securityand many more. HKBN customers that currently benefit from barter and bundle arrangements include fast food and retail chains, hotels, meeting facilities and other service companies.

“Our goal is to help enterprises slash their operating costs and attract more patronage by leveraging on HKBN’s extensive customer base. We look for win-win co-creation of long-term value with all our customers and business partners rather than make money off them. As a company uniquely run by over 930 Co-Owners (majority of all our supervisory-and-above-level Talents), HKBN is able to break free from industry legacy practices, and pursue flexibility as well as agility with our silo-less operations,” said NiQ Lai, Co-Owner and Group CEO, HKBN.

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