HPE denies involvement in Huawei’s open SD-WAN architecture

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Huawei announced that it has launched a “three-layered” open SD-WAN architecture in conjunction with partners including Riverbed Technology, F5 and HPE – except that HPE says there is no partnership.

Huawei says its new open SD-WAN architecture addresses the requirement by enterprises that the architecture be a fully open one so that it can quickly interconnect with existing OSSs, BSSs, and third-party application systems as well as mainstream public clouds. SD-WAN architectures also need to support open service platforms open so enterprises can implement VNFs and support rapid provisioning of value added services, Huawei says.

To that end, Huawei says its solution provides openness at the physical layer, the control layer and the cloud interconnection layer. For the physical layer, Huawei is providing a universal CPE to support mainstream VNFs, and has signed an agreement to combine Riverbed SteelHead with Huawei’s virtual WAN optimization controller. Huawei said it is also working with F5 in terms of application services and security.

Meanwhile at the control layer, Huawei is providing an “SD-WAN Agile Controller” that interoperates with BSSs and OSSs by leveraging open standard RESTful APIs:

The APIs allow the SD-WAN Agile Controller to implement a wide range of industry applications and support interoperation with third-party application orchestration vendors, achieving automatic service chain orchestration. Huawei are currently working together with HPE on fully integrating SD-WAN technology to be orchestrated by an HPE Service Director using open API.

Just one problem: HPE has issued a short statement denying any partnership with Huawei regarding its SD-WAN solution:

This announcement and resulting news coverage is inaccurate. HPE does not have a partnership with Huawei to develop SD-WAN or any other technology for general market availability. As a strong supporter of open standards and interfaces, HPE works together with all major vendors on customer-specific projects.”

At post time, Huawei had not yet responded to the HPE statement or clarified its own statement regarding HPE’s involvement. The press release announcing the SD-WAN architecture remains on Huawei’s website with the HPE reference intact and unedited.

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