HPE launches InnovateNext incubator program for Singapore start-ups

HPE’s new APJ headquarters building in Singapore, home of the InnovateNext start-up incubator. Image credit: HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled the InnovateNext program, an incubator in Singapore that will partner with local companies to ideate, co-innovate and commercialize new technologies.

Revealed at the opening of HPE’s new Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) headquarters building in Singapore, the new three-year program will be led by HPE in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to partner with local technology startups and aid enterprise customers in the development and commercialization solutions across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, communications, media and entertainment and the public sector. The solutions will align to HPE’s priority technology offerings, including hybrid IT, IoT and data and analytics.

“With our new InnovateNext program, HPE will now be able to provide our best-in-class technology and global partner ecosystem to promising technology startups in Singapore to help them turn ideas into commercially viable enterprise technologies solutions they can offer to prospective customers,” said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer of HPE.

The InnovateNext program plans to support 12 startups, with the goal of developing solutions that are market viable around the world. Additionally, HPE aims to co-innovate and develop ten vertical solutions with enterprise customers, over the next three years. The program provides access to HPE resources and mentorship through three key channels:

  • HPE “Accelerate Next” Incubator: The incubator will support startups by providing access to HPE technologies, as well as engineering and consultative expertise, to co-develop solutions for hybrid IT and intelligent edge environments.
  • The Innovation Centre: Hosted in a cloud environment, the Innovation Centre will help enterprise customers across key verticals, to develop proofs-of-concept and prototypes of new technologies. Additionally, participating startups will have the opportunity to work with these enterprise customers to develop vertical solutions.
  • Customer Engagement Centre (CEC): Solutions developed though InnovateNext will be featured as part of the technology showcase in HPE’s Customer Engagement Centre, an interactive environment at the company’s Singapore regional headquarters where customers can explore product solutions, learn about industry use cases, and discuss how to apply HPE solutions to achieve their business outcomes. These solutions can additionally be featured throughout the HPE CEC network at HPE facilities globally.

Startups will be identified for participation in the program through local university partnerships, industry vertical engagement and venture capital engagement.

The first InnovateNext participant is Singapore-based startup gridComm, which is working with HPE to create smart lighting solutions that leverage real-time data collected through IoT and edge devices. gridComm’s smart lighting system provides responsive lighting controls, such as brightening of lighting when sensors detect foot traffic. The solution can help improve public safety and decrease total cost of operations for public infrastructure operators.

InnovateNext gridComm
Director of Hewlett Packard Labs Singapore Jason Tan (left) and gridComm co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Holt engage with the demo dashboard for gridComm’s smart street lighting solution, developed under the HPE InnovateNext program.

“Working with HPE, we have made our street light platform more scalable and flexible for IoT device management,” stated Mike Holt, cofounder of gridComm. “Data drives smart cities. Our integration with HPE data analytics provides a critical solution for street light control, smart city sensor integration and data analysis.”

HPE said the InnovateNext program – together with HPE’s investment in its operations at the new APJ HQ building– increases HPE’s investment in Singapore to $140 million over the next five years.

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