Huawei deploys ASON for SK Telecom’s 5G fiber backbone

optical fiber

Huawei says it has successfully deployed its automatically switched optical network (ASON) solution on SK Telecom’s 200G network as the Korean operator braces for 5G.

According to Huawei, this is the first-ever deployment of its ASON solution on a commercial 200G network. The solution increases data capacity and transmission speeds to enable SK Telecom to expand its high-bandwidth mobile services and accommodate future 5G network traffic in South Korea.

SK Telecom plans to perform 5G tests before the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and will commercially trial mobile 3D imaging, ultra high definition video, hologram, and other emerging technologies. SK Telecom is planning to build a 5G-oriented high-speed backbone network to support all that.

Huawei’s OTN+ASON solution enables 200 Gbps per wavelength, significantly increases network bandwidth, and allows for smooth future evolution to ultra-speed (1 Tbps) transmission networks while meeting SK Telecom’s requirements of large capacity, efficient O&M, and high security. Based on the transmission distance, the solution allows SK Telecom to choose 16 QAM, 8QAM, or QPSK – this flexibility helps the operator adapt to various transmission scenarios and supports future service development on Huawei programmable boards and universal boards.

In addition, the OTN platform can be integrated with multiple 2G, 3G, and 4G legacy backhaul networks that SK Telecom had previously constructed, improving O&M efficiency.

The 200G backbone network also adopts the ASON structure and is fully meshed, which allows it to withstand multiple fiber cuts, enhancing network security and safeguarding services. Next-generation ASON also uses unicast ASON to allow for a full range of video services.

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