Huawei Cloud launches and signs multiple MoUs at Singapore Summit

The Huawei Cloud Summit Singapore themed “+AI, Grow with Intelligence” was held on April 24-25. Together with more than 30 partners, Huawei showcased a series of advanced cloud and AI solutions and innovative products and practices in Cloud computing, AI, and Big data. During the summit, Huawei signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with multiple companies to deepen cooperation in Cloud computing and AI for Asia Pacific markets.

Driving Intelligent Upgrades for Enterprises

During the summit, Huawei Cloud signed individual agreements with Thai carrier CAT, Kingsoft Office, mobile advertising and analysis service platform provider Mobvista, enterprise data management service provider Veritas, AI-driven data technology company ADVANCE.AI, and 2D Fire (an informatization solution provider for the retail F&B industry) to adapt to the fast business development demands in the Asia Pacific market.

Huawei Cloud and Veritas are cooperating in data protection. Gary Sievers, Senior Director, Channels & Alliances, Asia Pacific and Japan, Veritas Technologies, said that Huawei Cloud provides their customers with agility and security while reducing costs.

Zhang Qiang, General Manager of ADVANCE.AI Guardian, commented: “We are looking forward to the strategic cooperation with Huawei Cloud. The two sides will complement each other in terms of technology, industry resources, and brand market.” Leveraging powerful resource advantages and service capabilities of Huawei, ADVANCE.AI provides intelligent solutions for organizations of all types so customers can quickly graft intelligence into their digital profiles.

Roben Wang, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific, said: “The organizations signing with us today are all leaders and pioneers in their respective industries. Huawei Cloud will continue to work with them to build solutions oriented to the Asia Pacific market, catering to vertical industries. With about 20 years of development in Asia Pacific, Huawei has excellent local service teams and ecosystem, which give Huawei Cloud the advantage in technical support and SLA assurance. Huawei’s cloud, AI, and 5G networking capabilities combine to help Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries implement their smart country and digital strategies, building bridges between local and overseas enterprises, and safeguarding their business globalization.”

Collaboration with Partners to Display Latest Cloud and AI Solutions

Huawei is showcasing the latest products and solutions. The cloud arm is presenting joint solutions and case practices in Smart City, Internet, pan-finance, campus management, logistics, and retail industries with such leading partners as 9F Group, Yonyou, Esri, YITU, F5, Veritas, Cloud Pick, Deepcam, and Zuolin. Together with partners, Huawei Cloud provides industry-leading cloud computing and AI services.

HUAWEI Launches Cloud & AI Innovation Lab in Singapore

At the summit, Huawei showcased a full range of cutting-edge products, including chips, intelligent acceleration components, intelligent servers, ARM servers, AI computing platforms, and mobile data center (MDC). It also provided an onsite experience of its high-precision facial recognition system, intelligent server management software, and AI development platform. Showcased products include the full liquid cooling cabinet, FusionServer Pro intelligent servers, TaiShan ARM servers, Atlas AI computing platform (200/300/500), intelligent acceleration components (SSDs and iNICs), Huawei-developed high-performance AI chip Ascend 310, and high-performance ARM chip Kunpeng 920.

Huawei Cloud unveiled two leading OCR services at the venue. HUAWEI CLOUD Batch OCR service automatically scans files in batches, greatly improving the business efficiency in such scenarios as financial reimbursement and file data entry. The OCR service supports identification of certificates such as ID cards, driving licenses, and passports in multiple Southeast Asia languages. With a recognition accuracy of over 99% for Thai and Burmese characters, personal are able to save tremendous amounts of time, making the tooling a welcomed addition to the business profile.

In the pan-finance field, Huawei Cloud, together with 9F Group, Insurgrab, and F5 showcased such services as financial data products, risk control engines, and Internet insurance utilities. These innovations provide multi-dimensional solutions and leverage cloud computing and AI technologies to deliver the needed upgrades in the finance industry, redefining financial services with AI utility.

In the retail field, Huawei Cloud and Deepcam, ZBJ, and Cloud Pick showcased retail-specific AI solutions. Huawei Cloud and Cloud Pick demonstrated such solutions as unmanned store, cashier-less solution, and mobile payment. With the capabilities from AI and cloud technologies, retail enterprises can quickly build their consumer-experience-centric smart retail solutions while reducing costs and improving efficiency. The solutions also provide diversified choices and a smarter shopping experience for consumers. In the campus domain, Huawei Cloud and YITU demonstrated the smart campus employee and visitor management solution. Huawei, together with Zuolin and Closeli showcased a home video surveillance solution.

In the Internet field, Huawei Cloud worked with Bamboo System Tech and ULearning Technology International to demonstrate the online blended learning, teaching & training cloud platform. In the field of urban management, Huawei Cloud demonstrated its Traffic Intelligent Twins.

At the Hands-on Lab area, developers experienced how quickly they can preprocess, label, train, build, and deploy data models on the Huawei Cloud ModelArts one-stop AI development platform. Developers were blown away with how fast they can innovate with the impressive platforming. A self-driving vehicle trained by students from Shanghai Jiaotong University using the ModelArts platform is also demonstrated. After the adoption, the car was able to identify such things in the environment as traffic lights, obstacles, and lanes, and was able to follow specific targets. Developers can even use Huawei Cloud to set up a cloud database application in a little as one minute.

During the event, breakout sessions centering on Smart Finance, Internet innovations, and AI developments were held to facilitate sharing amongst Huawei, customers, and partners in the latest applications and project practices.

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