Huawei sets up Computing Innovation Openlab to develop KunLun server solutions

Computing Innovation Openlab
Zeng Fanli, Chief of Huawei Hangzhou Research Center, Wang Zhen, VP of Huawei IT Server Product Line, and guests from Intel, SAP, Postal Savings Bank of China, Nantian, Oracle, United VARs, and HAND announce the opening of the Computing Innovation Openlab.

Huawei has announced the official establishment of its Computing Innovation Openlab, which it says is dedicated to “enabling computing innovation and digital transformation in the cloud computing and Big Data era.”

The Computing Innovation Openlab is a joint effort between Huawei and its partners to build a mission-critical platform for the industry ecosystem. The Openlab will advance the design, optimization, and delivery capabilities of joint solutions based on the Huawei KunLun Mission Critical Server. It will enable Huawei and its partners to provide solutions and services that drive better productivity for industry customers.

The venture has now attracted over 20 partners, among them Intel, SAP, Oracle, Nantian, HAND, and United VARs, among others.

Huawei says the lab will serve as an open collaboration platform that brings together IaaS universal solution partners (for horizontal collaboration) and industry mission-critical solution partners (for vertical collaboration). The horizontal collaboration role focuses on system openness, performance optimization and TCO reduction, as well as joint innovation and optimization of chips and code-level fundamental technologies. The vertical collaboration role focuses on customer experience, solution integrity, high availability, and business continuity.

The open platform will enable both parties to synergize and develop solution designs that unleash more value and meet the requirements of customers such as the financial industry, government, enterprises, and carriers, Huawei says.

In addition, the platform will make it easier for the solution providers to integrate and verify technical solutions in real-world environments, thereby enabling more agile response to market demands and bringing more benefits to end users.

At the opening ceremony for the Computing Innovation Openlab, Huawei also announced it has partnered with Postal Savings Bank of China and Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information to release a joint solution for a “personal core banking business system” based on Huawei KunLun.

Additionally, Huawei has set up co-innovation labs with Oracle and HAND Enterprise Solutions, and has signed a collaboration memorandum with United VARs (an SAP partner) to offer more competitive joint solutions and services to global customers.

“Huawei has cultivated a wealth of key technologies and world-leading hardware platform capabilities in the server business. However, this well of strength can be unleashed to its full potential only when combined intimately with our partners. Our concerted efforts will lead to better solutions that deliver high availability and interoperability with competitive differentiation,” said Wang Zhen, VP of Huawei’s IT Server product line. “The Computing Innovation Openlab offers just such an ideal platform for Huawei to work with the world’s top-notch partners for open innovation.”

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