Huawei has Thailand’s back to help it become a regional 5G powerhouse

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Huawei has announced a new mission to make Thailand the 5G leader in Southeast Asia, saying it will invest in R&D to help the country become a regional 5G innovation hub.

Huawei Thailand CEO Abel Deng said that Huawei plans to increase Thailand’s 5G population coverage to 70% by 2022 and 5G penetration rate to 20%.

“This will create a virtuous circle of innovation and economic growth for Thailand,” Deng said in an interview with The Nation.

Huawei’s announcement comes at a time when the Thai government is pushing for 5G development. The government has been fast-tracking the deployment of 5G services over the last two years. A GlobalData report forecasts that by 2025, 5G subscriptions will outnumber 4G subscriptions and account for 81.4% of Thailand’s total mobile subscription market share in 2026.

From 2021 onwards, healthcare will grow to become a particularly important sector for 5G development. Huawei plans to introduce 5G hospitals, 5G ambulances, and AI-assisted solutions in 20 hospitals.

The company also plans to build 5G benchmark networks in several Thai cities and deploy 5G at 100 Eastern Economic Corridor factories, including five car-making plants. The company is also on track to offer 80+ new cloud-based services to boost digital transition by banks, SMEs, and online media providers. 

“Our net profits increased by 75.9% year on year. Profit growth has made the company more productive and risk-resilient,” Deng said.

Huawei has been deeply involved in the construction of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G in Thailand and has been a part of the growth of the country’s digital ecosystem. With over 20 years of presence in the country, the company looks to continue its investment in Thailand and help make it the 5G leader in Southeast Asia.

With the help of 5G, Thailand has the potential to see a new wave of economic growth and innovation, with 5G-powered services promising to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing. In fact, by 2030,  the value of 5G-driven business  in the country is expected to reach 650 billion baht, according to The Bangkok Post.

“Under strong policies to develop the national digital economy and technology, Thailand’s digital infrastructure and data economy have made great strides in the past several years. We believe that with Huawei support, Thailand’s digital economy can reach 30% of its GDP by 2030 or even earlier.” H.E. Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand, said in a speech at Powering Digital Thailand 2022.

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