Huawei introduces carrier target architecture – OneStorage

Huawei OneStorage
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At the Innovative Data Infrastructure (IDI) Forum 2022 held recent in Munich, Huawei introduced its carrier target storage architecture, OneStorage, to enable carriers upgrade data infrastructure and develop new business streams.

As digitalization accelerates in the 5G era, data is being generated at an explosive speed and in various types, and data’s value as a key means of production is also getting obvious. Carriers are exploring ways to plan their next-gen data infrastructure to help them better monetize mass data. The carrier target storage architecture and Huawei OneStorage all-scenario data storage solution introduced in the forum will enable carriers maximize their data value and achieve new business growth.

Through the OneStorage solution, the target storage architecture provides three core capabilities to all carrier workloads:

  • OneFramework: Through standard open application programming interfaces (APIs), this architecture interconnects application systems with multi-cloud ecosystems, to enable cross-cloud application deployment, edge-center synergy, free data mobility, and plug-and-play storage services in multi-cloud environments (Storage as Code).
  • OneEngine: The target architecture supports highly automated data lifecycle management and intelligent operation and management (O&M), delivering five-fold efficiency improvement, fault locating within minutes, prediction, and self-healing (zero-touch operations).
  • OnePool: Converged resource pools (for hot, warm, and cold data) based on relevant Service Level Agreements (SLAs) prevent data silos and provide precise resource matches for all applications, covering high-performance core charging, large-capacity video, and regulation-compliant data backup and archiving applications. Automatic orchestration allows resources to be provisioned within minutes (Storage as a Service).

In addition, Huawei OneStorage solution provides tailor-made innovative data infrastructure products for diverse application scenarios, including the brand new OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage series, new-gen OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage series, OceanProtect Backup Storage series, and OceanStor Pacific Mass Data Storage series. Unified resource management, intelligent resource allocation, and multi-cloud convergence bring carrier workloads ultimate performance and reliability, specifically:

  • Better user experience: The OneStorage solution reduces bill run time from three hours to just about one hour, a 67% increase.
  • Higher resource utilization: The solution delivers a significant improvement from 35% to 65% in average resource utilization, at a much lower power consumption and with much higher data security.
  • Higher management efficiency: The solution allows one engineer to manage 50 systems now instead of just 10 in the past, a five-fold improvement.

Reliable, efficient, and intelligent data infrastructure holds the key to digital transformation of carriers. With the deepened OneStorage strategy, the Huawei target storage architecture provides high-quality data storage that serves as the foundation for sustainable business innovation and growth.

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