Huawei releases GigaHome solution for smarter home network services

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Huawei has released its GigaHome solution, which is designed to help operators build smart and easy-to-use home networks offering a premium service experience for users.

The GigaHome solution supports multiple digital home applications to deliver a smart home service that gives users convenience, security, accessibility and efficiency.

Over the next two years, Huawei says, the home network market is expected to grow rapidly and more operators will move towards offering smart home services. At the same time, the increasing use of devices that enable 4K and VR video services is placing a greater burden on home networks. 

To meet these new demands, operators are accelerating bandwidth, however a 100-Mbps bandwidth access rate does not always equate to a high-quality user experience. To improve the user experience, operators are upgrading their networks but face challenges including the complexity and variability of internal home networking; lack of visibility of home networks to provide rapid response and fault location; and difficulty integrating diversified services. 

Huawei says it has developed GigaHome to help operators overcome these challenges and offer compelling smart home services that work smoothly and intuitively. The E2E solution focuses on home gateways and supports flexible Wi-Fi extension through multiple media, such as the CAT5 lines, power lines, and wireless repeaters. 

Under this solution, home networks can support smart synchronization of network parameters and seamless roaming switching of terminals, to achieve smart home network coverage with a Wi-Fi speed rate of up to 300 Mbps. Specifically, home gateways adopt dual cores and enable gigabit Wi-Fi access through any media by using Wi-Fi hardware forwarding, dual-band, IEEE 802.11ac, and 4 x 4 MIMO technologies. Moreover, APPs will be available for self-reliance Wi-Fi management to simplify operation and maintenance (O&M). With cloud platforms and APPs on smartphones, Huawei’s GigaHome solution enables fast network deployment, maintenance, and management. In addition, cloud platforms will provide open service integration architectures for operators to quickly integrate and introduce new services. 

GigaHome is also optimized for video services by assigning high priority to these high-value services to ensure home networks deliver a premium user experience.  

Using this solution, operators can shift their businesses from traditional home broadband to smart home services that meet users’ expectations and achieve higher ARPU.

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