Huawei connects WorldRemit to African mobile money platform

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Huawei has announced a partnership with digital money transfer service WorldRemit that will make WorldRemit’s international money transfer service available to all partners of Huawei’s mobile money service platform across Africa.

The partnership, announced at the GSMA’s Mobile 360 conference in Dar es Salaam, enables Huawei to add a ready-made solution for remittances – a growing mobile money product offering – to its existing suite of services. It also enables WorldRemit to connect to over 100 million mobile accounts currently using Huawei’s platform.

WorldRemit is the first international remittance company to partner directly with Huawei, who says the deal is expected to accelerate WorldRemit’s technical integrations with new mobile money operators. That matters because technical integration is frequently a barrier to offering international remittances for cellcos, according to the GSMA.

“International remittance is a very important mobile money service in Africa, and our partnership with WorldRemit will bring international remittances directly to Huawei’s customers across the continent,” said David Chen, VP of Huawei Southern Africa.

Ismail Ahmed, Founder & CEO of WorldRemit, said, “By making it easier to connect to our service, our partnership will accelerate our ability to introduce our safe, fast and low-cost remittance service to millions of people.”

Huawei built its mobile money services platform to help deliver basic banking transactions in developing countries. The technology is not restricted, and because it works on both smartphones and basic handsets, it has been particularly successful in developing markets.

WorldRemit processes 74% of all international transfers to mobile money accounts coming from money transfer operators.

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