iDiabCare – new mobile application to help monitor diabetics’ health

Through the 3D immersive online platform “Smart City Taiwan 360”, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) will showcase the solutions for smart cities developed by Taiwanese companies, as well as Taiwan’s leadership and technological capabilities.

The innovations that are being presented fall into categories such as Mobility, Governance, Healthcare, 5G, and more. Among the solutions that stand out the most in terms of Smart Healthcare, is the new mobile application to help monitor diabetics’ health.

Diabetes is a global issue. The number of people diagnosed with this disease increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. In 2020, the amount reaches 463 million people affected by the disease. This situation makes diabetes the health issue that has grown the most so far this century.

Not only has the incidence increased, but also the mortality. Between 2000 and 2016, there has been a 5% increase in premature mortality from diabetes. To help combat it, Taiwanese solution provider has developed iDiabCare, an application that helps patients control their health and thus manage their diabetic symptoms.

iDiabCare as a key partner for patients with diabetes

iDiabCare is a smart health management tool that helps to record and monitor glucose and diet levels. Besides, it provides personalized and exclusive health advice through food identification and online nutritional analysis, as well as consultations with a professional to reduce medical costs, and improve healthcare quality.

The solution interfaces with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) so patients can view their testing data through the app. It also uses artificial intelligence, deep learning technologies, a cloud services platform, and professional healthcare with a shared social platform for patients, case managers, and distribution channels for medical supplies (such as blood glucose machines). This way, the system provides a remote care solution and platform to share and care for diabetics around the world.

  • It allows patients to keep track and monitor their glucose levels and diet in real-time.
  • It sends personalized advice and exclusive health tips to the user on topics such as nutrition, sports, and healthy living.
  • The system has a consultation service with health professionals through the App.
  • The system uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies that allow users to constantly improve their service.
  • Diabetes is the disease that has grown the most in the last century, reaching 500 million patients by 2020.
  • Smart solutions in the fields of mobility, digital government, health, or 5G within the framework of Smart Cities stand out for their vital importance for society.

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