Iflix taps CSG’s Ascendon to support all kinds of payment options

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International has announced that its Ascendon digital services platform will consolidate and manage a myriad of payment options for approximately three million consumers of Malaysia-based OTT SVOD service provider iflix.

Iflix offers thousands of TV shows, movies and more from around the world which can be streamed or downloaded to multiple devices. To enable convenient payment options that are relevant and accessible to its customers, iflix will leverage Ascendon’s digital services capabilities to create a centralized e-wallet that consolidates all payment options – including credit card, PayPal, Google in-app purchasing, gift cards, vouchers and payments made through direct operator billing, which allows customers to pay for digital services by charging the transaction to their monthly mobile phone bill.

Using Ascendon’s aggregated biller framework, iflix can consolidate multiple integrations to multiple payment systems, centralizing processes and integrations into one efficient, cloud-based e-wallet.

In addition to managing multiple payment methods, Ascendon will also manage the redemption process for gift cards and vouchers. When a consumer purchases an iflix gift card, Ascendon will allow the redeemer to spend or store the card amount in an iflix wallet, and manage their account to check for available balances and more.

Emmanuel Frenehard, chief technology officer at iflix, said the company’s “customer focused approach” to its video service includes giving customers a variety of convenient payment options.

“As we continue to enter new markets around the world, Ascendon allows us to quickly make new, local market payment options available to consumers, as part of our mission to deliver the world’s best content at a price that everyone can afford,” Frenehard said.

“The possibilities to grow with new video services are virtually unlimited in the emerging markets where iflix is expanding. Ascendon will provide the platform that helps iflix scale and monetize the opportunity,” said Kent Steffen, president of global OTT business at CSG International.

Steffen added that Ascendon will support three different facets of the iflix business model: consumer payments, charging relationships with a broad set of payment partners and subscription management, all from one cloud-based platform. “This approach will streamline the iflix transaction processing model, allowing them to focus attention on their overall service and company growth.”

iflix anticipates launching the e-wallet capabilities of Ascendon in “late spring of 2017”.

Ascendon is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables providers to launch new digital services in 60 to 90 days.

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