Indosat Ooredoo deploys Cloudera analytics platform

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Cloudera has announced that Indosat Ooredoo has adopted Cloudera Enterprise to enable real-time insights across over 200TB of data and to harness more than 10TB of data collected daily into a centralized hub.

Cloudera says Indosat can use the solution to generate accurate business reports in real-time, make prompt, informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Since implementation, Indosat says it has decreased capital and operational costs by 46%.

Indonesia has a mobile penetration rate of 91% and 123.3 million active mobile internet users, making it one of the most data-rich telecoms markets in Southeast Asia, according to We Are Social.

Indosat’s legacy system couldn’t scale to manage the rapid growth of data, thus becoming inefficient and costly to maintain. It required more than five days of work to generate “daily reports”, delaying the correction of problem areas to improve product and campaign performance. This delay in time to insight from the legacy data architecture was deemed inadequate to meet the fast-evolving demands of Indonesian consumers who wanted real-time access to data usage and charges.

Within the first three months of implementation, Cloudera’s machine learning and analytics platform enabled critical business insights across data from the entire organization, including 200TB of customer service center data (225 billion call records), Cloudera says.

Indosat is now harnessing Cloudera Enterprise in two key business areas.

  • Business intelligence: Access to accurate, real-time insights has provided Indosat with the ability to review the performance of marketing campaigns and products in a timely manner. With near real-time access to business insights, Indosat’s management and marketing departments can identify areas for improvement and take corrective actions to immediately improve outcomes.
  • Customer experience: Indosat’s call records are analyzed within minutes, a process that previously took more than a day. Cloudera’s platform ingests and analyzes data from various sources before making it securely available on an enterprise-wide centralized hub.  This enables Indosat’s customer service officers to have a real-time, 360-degree view of each customer, thus supporting quick query resolutions and an enhanced customer experience. The operator is also in the process of developing predictive modelling capabilities with Cloudera’s machine learning platform in efforts to reduce customer churn levels, develop targeted marketing campaigns and offer tailored products.

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