Indosat Ooredoo launches iAds service based on augmented reality

Indosat Ooredoo iAds

As an experienced, trusted digital partner, Indosat Ooredoo Business presented an innovative service “iAds” at the 4th Connex Webinar to answer an enterprise’s promotional needs. iAds is a digital ad platform that is designed by utilizing Augmented Reality (AR), interactive messaging, and mobile video. iAds offers the excitement of advertising and the convenience of using innovative telecommunication media.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has been going on for over a year, has increased our digital reliance in our daily lives. This impacts the business sector, where enterprises are “forced” to adapt to focus on digital marketing strategies as consumer behaviour shifts to digital and online. Therefore, running promotions through digital advertising is becoming attractive to enterprise to increase brand and product awareness, target the right consumers, and increase sales of product.

Chief Business Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, Bayu Hanantasena, said that “Indosat Ooredoo Business is committed to support the growth of Indonesia’s business sector by utilizing digital technology. Today we launched iAds to support the promotional needs of enterprise to be more innovative through social media and relevant to the current situation. We hope that through the 3 iAds services that we launched today, it will help enterprise not only survive, but also growing rapidly so that they can compete in both local and global markets, as well as supports Indonesia’s digital economy.”

Through iAds, promotional activities can be more varied and attractive because Indosat Ooredoo Business offers several choices of digital promotion mediums, namely iAds, iAds Biz, and iAds MGram.

  • iAds
    Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
  • iAds Biz
    A broadcast and interactive SMS service solution that responds more precisely to promotional needs for target customers and is easily controlled through a dashboard by enterprise. Regular SMS, Premium SMS, and Interactive SMS are all promotional options provided by iAds Biz.
  • Ads MGram
    Consumers can engage with interactive promotion and digital transformation solutions through images and videos that can be viewed on a variety of mobile phones, feature phone or smartphone. The other benefit of iAds MGram is that it does not require a specific application and can be accessed without an internet connection or data packages. Thus, it unlocks vast reach, customer engagement and business possibilities. iAds can target more than hundreds of thousands of large and medium-sized companies in Indonesia to inform their products to millions of mobile users as potential targeted consumers. This service is also in line with Indosat Ooredoo’s vision as Indonesia’s leading digital telecommunication company that encourages a more rapid and effective growth of the digital economy.

Indosat Ooredoo Connex: Maximizing the Potential of Digital Advertising and Innovation Augmented Reality

This time, Indosat Ooredoo Company conducted a Connex Webinar with the theme “Maximizing the Potential of Digital Ads and Innovation in Augmented Reality,” continuing the previous series of Connex (Creating Innovation with Expert).

In addition to presented Bayu Hanantasena (Chief Business Officer Indosat Ooredoo) and Linggajaya Budiman (SVP-Head of Marketing & Channel Management), this webinar also featured a Digital Marketing Specialist who has successfully elevated brand-it’s to the forefront of every industry field, including Levita Ginting (Chair of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce’s Standing Committee on Franchising, Licensing, & Partnerships), R. Andi Kartiko Utomo (Digital Specialist, former Vice President of QNB Indonesia), and Irawan Soemardjo (Senior Partner of PINC Group).

The speakers offered insight and addressed the effect of the pandemic on the business sector, shifts in consumer behaviour, how Digital Advertising can optimize marketing strategies, the potential for Virtual Reality to improve consumer interaction, and iAds solutions to address consumer needs of promotion for enterprise and marketers during the panel discussion.

“Hopefully today’s Connex Webinar can provide a lot of positive information so that we all remain optimistic to survive and grow together in the future even in difficult situations,” Bayu concluded.

For more comprehensive information about Indosat Ooredoo Business and iAds click here.

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